Remodeling in Topeka, Lawrence,
and Kansas City, KS


Sometimes a home needs a drastic change. The reasons vary with each client. You may want to renovate your living area because of a growing family. Others may want to remodel a recently purchased home so that their design taste is incorporated into the new home. Sometimes clients may simply want to change a dated home they have been living in for some time. Winston Brown Remodeling has completed whole home renovations for a diverse group of customers all with their unique reason and vision.

A large home improvement project can dramatically enhance your life, but it can also be stressful to go through the renovation process. Many homeowners choose to live in their homes throughout the renovation process. Having designers and carpenters in your home can be stressful even when those specialists are considerate and hard-working. Therefore, selecting a good remodeling company is essential to having a successful home improvement experience.

Winston Brown Remodeling has extensive experience in these types of projects. Our proven process combining design and remodeling services, ensures that planning and building are executed in a timely manner with attention to detail. As with every type of home improvement project, planning is crucial. Winston Brown Remodeling’s design team works with you to create rooms and spaces for your family’s unique needs. As a result, we will transform your existing home into your dream home.


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