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A beautiful home is something you deserve. If your current home layout or overall design doesn’t bring you happiness, remodeling is a good option to consider. At Winston Brown Remodeling, we provide quality whole home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling for homes across Lawrence.

Renovate Your Entire Home

A home is supposed to be your haven, so make sure it looks that way with our help. We can do:

Whatever remodeling project you need our whole home, kitchen, or bathroom renovation contractors in Lawrence are happy to help!

Utilize Our Expert Home Remodel Design Process

We know that remodeling can be a major investment of time and money, so we have a thorough design process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We initially sit down at your first consultation to discuss your exact needs and preferences. We will look over your home and put together a design-build agreement. Then, we will design blueprints for you to review. Once you’ve approved all final designs, we will remodel and build whatever you have entrusted us to do. Finally, we provide a three-year warranty in which we’ll fix any issues that come up.

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