When I meet one of the Homeownder's, she was just about over her new home. They had recently moved cities and had purchased a home that had a great lot, great amount of space and hands down great potential.

VERY, Shortly after moving in several items started to “die off” in her new house. An appliance here, a hot water heater there, an AC unit EVERYWHERE…….

Her overall remodel budget for the house obviously had to give some at that point. So when we first meet, we took time to walk through the house together. We talked about her wish items and her ideas and needs for these newly acquired spaces. I then got to work divvying out her budget so that we could make the biggest impact overall while staying within that overall budget.

There were several items on the overall list

  • Master Bathroom

  • Boys Bathroom

  • Family Room Fireplace

  • Kitchen Updates

  • Dining Room Updates

  • Foyer Updates

The master bathroom was bland and the shower/stool room was like a cave. There was space, but it wasn’t practically used. This was NOT a relaxing retreat for a working momma of little ones.




Removing the separate shower/stool room was the first step in accomplishing our objectives

  1. Larger shower

  2. Better layout

  3. Brighter space


The corner tub served a great purpose for them, as it was perfect for bath time for her little ones. It was staying, but it needed to fall into the background and feel cohesive with the new design.

Enlarging the shower and using a glass half wall behind the bench seat allowed us to use the soft pattern of the shower wall tile as the corner tubs tile surround as well. Now your eye carries you through that space from end to end.


Our color palette was a mix of soft natural colors so that the bathroom would feel calming without being overly dressy. Balancing a more formal vanity mirror, marble look shower wall tile or quartz countertop with more informal selections like the pebble shower floor and stone look porcelain floor tile was how I was able to achieve that look. The space is soft and beautiful but also highly practical for everyday life.





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