Before You Decide to DIY


Whether you’re a little bit handy or a talented Do-It-Yourselfer, it can be tempting to take on a remodeling project yourself to save money. However, there are a lot of moving parts in even a basic remodeling project, so there are several things for you to think about before taking on the task yourself.

Scope of Work and Design

Is your project something you can complete over a weekend? Or is this job going to require your home to be disrupted for weeks on end while you work on the project in the evenings after work? Taking on projects that can be drawn out over weeks can add increased stress. Will the scope of work involve changing the footprint or layout of the room? Homeowners often think they don’t need design for a project, but more often than not a project does need some degree of design work. It could be as basic as choosing finishes for a kitchen to creating a complicated electrical plan for a bathroom remodel. Most likely, you will need to hire an architect and/or a designer to create plans for you. Without a construction background, will you be able to decipher the technical drawings?


The number of building materials available is vast, and knowing which products are just right for your project can be tricky. Not only is the array of choices for each material vast, but the number of materials that will go into your project could be in the hundreds. If you don’t have a vehicle conducive to hauling the materials you will need, how will you get them? If they are delivered, who will be at the home to take delivery, and where will you store large items until needed? Do you have all of the tools necessary for your job? For instance, you're thinking about laying you have a tile saw or know how to properly use one?


If your job requires a permit, you will need to submit all the correct paperwork with architectural drawings. Do you have the time to work with the city or county to get your project approved? And if the plans are not approved, how long will it take to explore other options? Will this affect the time frame of your project’s completion? What guarantee do you have that your project will pass inspection once a permit is approved?


If your project requires a plumber, electrician or other trade, who will coordinate all the details with that person and make sure they get the project completed on time and on budget? Having more than one tradesperson on the project takes planning. Who will manage all of them and the project’s schedule?

Sound too daunting to take on yourself? Consider Winston Brown Construction

When you decide to work with Winston Brown you start with the design process. You will collaborate with our in-house designer and an architect and/or draftsman to design your project to fit your needs while staying on budget. Our team of professionals will guide you through all of your product selections to ensure your project looks beautiful and you are happy with the end result.

After your project is designed and we enter into the construction phase, Winston Brown Construction handles the permitting, scheduling, and all aspects of project management including ordering, receipt of all project materials and ensuring the project site is safe and clutter-free. Winston Brown schedules and manages all subcontractors so you never have to worry about being home to meet the plumber or electrician.

When you’re project is complete, you can relax knowing you have a 1-year warranty on all workmanship. If any problems arise, we are only a quick phone call away to remedy any issues that need addressed. Contact us to get your project started with a team of experts you can trust.