Builder Basic to Classic Custom

“The details are not the details, they make the design”

~Charles Eames

Every job we do is different, but always has one common thread. To create a space that is a reflection of our client. It doesn’t matter what room we are designing and remodeling we always want it to feel like an extension of the family that will be living there.

Our clients had built their house over 25 years ago and had grown into and then out of the spaces. They were tired and not as practical as they may have once been. Our discussions consisted a lot around giving new life to the same rooms they had been in for years. Better flow, function, and storage were key.


Loads of space in this Laundry Room Makeover

There was one thing for certain….space was not a problem when redesigning this laundry room.

Our client was a pro at this point in the remodel world having taken on a massive kitchen overhaul with us 2 years prior to beginning this project. So we quickly got to work redesigning the space so that we could utilize all of the potential this large room had to offer.

The current laundry room was dated with sheet vinyl flooring, bright blue and green walls and juvenile border wallpaper. There was a decent amount of storage possibility, but the layout made it impractical for their needs.


Before: This photo shows the existing cabinets and flooring during the demo phase.

A well organized an...