To me designing a kitchen can be like a dream. A series of thoughts, inspirations and imagination. The kitchen is consistently referred to as the “Heart of the Home”. It can be the space that sets the tone for the entire house and is used by everyone who lives there. The kitchen is THE epicenter of the home.

The first day I rounded the corner of this kitchen I remember thinking that it felt like another homes kitchen had been plopped right smack in the middle of this house.

The kitchen was dark and it just didn’t feel like a part of the house at all. The kitchen cabinets were all very nice and the granite tops were beautiful, but it was so uncomfortably not the kitchen fo...

Which Kitchen Countertop is Right For You?

Granite Kitchen Counters
Granite is one of the most popular choices — it’s a natural stone with plenty of character, unique grains, colors and customizable finishes. When properly sealed, it's one of the most durable options out there. Unsealed granite can absorb stains such as oil, which can ultimately cause dark spots or discoloration. Heat from pots and pans or hot liquids will likely have no effect to the granite surface under normal circumstances. Certain foods with citric, lactic, and vegetable acids such as oranges, milk, and tomatoes can strip the polish or etch the stone surface.

It is recommended to seal the granite countertops and then periodically reseal the surface ...

Planning a Better Kitchen Remodel

Perhaps nowhere else in your home does the successful blending of form and function result in as much payback and long-term satisfaction as in your kitchen. But kitchens are arguably the most complex room in your home when it comes to planning. Help from a professional is required for a successful design, but let’s not forget that your role in the planning process is also critical. Here are four tips for planning your kitchen remodel so that you and your designer can develop the best possible kitchen for you and your family.


Define how your new kitchen will be used and who will use it. (Consider now and over the life of your kitchen.) With this list you are helping map out how the k...

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