Creating Functionality in a Small Kitchen

Functional! That was the key word for this 45 year old kitchen remodel. We obviously wanted to create a beautiful kitchen for these clients, but this space needed to be functional above all else and to be opened up as to not feel so crowded. By taking out the wall between the kitchen and living room, the kitchen instantly felt twice as large. We were able to add an island for extra seating and gain a ton of storage space.


Reviving the Family Nest

I am really excited to walk you through the remodel of this multi-functional family space. Our clients have been in their custom built home for over 18 years. They have grown and evolved in how they use the spaces and it was time to freshen things up over all.


It was time for a change from the dated floor plan of the peninsula and raised bar eating area. The dark colors made the narrow kitchen seem even smaller than it really is.

Changing It Up With COLOR

Do you ever think about how the colors we are surrounded with affect us? Can certain colors make you happy and energetic, and others make you calm and relaxed?

There have been many studies done on how color affects us on a psychological level. Below is a color wheel to show how we associate colors.

Knowing what colors can do to you subconsciously is like having an extra guide book when working on your own homes.

If you are working on re-designing your space, you can think of the feeling/mood you want in your home, the personality of your family, children and/or yourself, and pick colors and color schemes that will help create that feeling.


Red is often associated with A-Type personalities ...

Builder Basic to Classic Custom

“The details are not the details, they make the design”

~Charles Eames

Every job we do is different, but always has one common thread. To create a space that is a reflection of our client. It doesn’t matter what room we are designing and remodeling we always want it to feel like an extension of the family that will be living there.

Our clients had built their house over 25 years ago and had grown into and then out of the spaces. They were tired and not as practical as they may have once been. Our discussions consisted a lot around giving new life to the same rooms they had been in for years. Better flow, function, and storage were key.


Coastal Cozy in the Midwest

I’ll have to say the first time that Stacey and I spoke is not typically how we start our design process. Her and her family were all packed up and driving across the country to move back into their first family home. They had been living away for a few years due to a job relocation and had kept their home and used it as a rental income. Now that they were moving back they had decided to move back to their old home. While talking to Stacey over the phone we were able to make a game plan for our first meeting in a few days when they would be arriving. I knew that we would have to work quickly so that they would be able to get settled in as soon as possible.

Since they had rented out the...

Hidden Potential

Every now and then a project concept comes along that we just haven’t done before. This one was no exception. We needed to create a multipurpose space for a busy mom in a hidden corner of their basement.

We had to

1: Punch through to the finished basement so that this added area seemed like it had always been there.

2: Create a layout that would be an office with a secret craft closet


3: The most obvious of all…..make sure the new space was beautifully designed


Here is the future office and craft room area. Looking back at the hidden craft room space

Loads of space in this Laundry Room Makeover

There was one thing for certain….space was not a problem when redesigning this laundry room.

Our client was a pro at this point in the remodel world having taken on a massive kitchen overhaul with us 2 years prior to beginning this project. So we quickly got to work redesigning the space so that we could utilize all of the potential this large room had to offer.

The current laundry room was dated with sheet vinyl flooring, bright blue and green walls and juvenile border wallpaper. There was a decent amount of storage possibility, but the layout made it impractical for their needs.


Before: This photo shows the existing cabinets and flooring during the demo phase.

A well organized an...

Let's Mix It Up Mixing Metals

1: Select 2-3 metals that you will be working with


*Satin Nickel, Antique Nickel

*Brass, Antique Brass

*Oil Rubbed Bronze, Venetian Bronze




To me designing a kitchen can be like a dream. A series of thoughts, inspirations and imagination. The kitchen is consistently referred to as the “Heart of the Home”. It can be the space that sets the tone for the entire house and is used by everyone who lives there. The kitchen is THE epicenter of the home.

The first day I rounded the corner of this kitchen I remember thinking that it felt like another homes kitchen had been plopped right smack in the middle of this house.

The kitchen was dark and it just didn’t feel like a part of the house at all. The kitchen cabinets were all very nice and the granite tops were beautiful, but it was so uncomfortably not the kitchen fo...


When I meet one of the Homeownder's, she was just about over her new home. They had recently moved cities and had purchased a home that had a great lot, great amount of space and hands down great potential.

VERY, Shortly after moving in several items started to “die off” in her new house. An appliance here, a hot water heater there, an AC unit EVERYWHERE…….

Her overall remodel budget for the house obviously had to give some at that point. So when we first meet, we took time to walk through the house together. We talked about her wish items and her ideas and needs for these newly acquired spaces. I then got to work divvying out her budget so that we could make the big...

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